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Plotarrows.mq4 MT4 Indicator (DOWNLOAD LINK)

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Hello Traders, this indicator is called the Plotarrows Indicator mq4. In actual fact, it is  not an mt4 indicator, but it is a script so when you download it, it must be saved in the “scrips” folder.  I will show you how below.

Ok, the download link is on the very bottom.

Here’s what this plotarrows indicator looks like when you upload it onto your charts:

plotarrows indicator MT4

What the Mt4 Indicator PlotArrow does is simply help you see or visualize the trading that you’ve done in the PAST.


Where To Save The Plot Arrow Indicator

This is a mt4 script so when you download and save it, it must be saved in the “scripts” folder, NOT the “INDICATORS” folder.

If you mistakenly save this plotarrows in the “indicators’ folder, it wont work.

The file path will look like this:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Your Forex Broker Name\MQL4\Scripts


How To PlotArrow Indicator Mt4 Works

There will be times when you want to review you past trades, for example, where you bought, where you sold.

This plot arrows indicator is good for that.

So what the plot arrow indicator does ins shows you your trading history, you buy, sell and close orders.

Once you save it there, you must close and re-start your mt4 trading platform and use your mt4 “navigation” and scroll down to the “Scrips” and you’ll see it there.

You click and drag to the chart that you want to analyse your past trades on and it will plot the arrows of trades that you took in the past.

What you will see are arrows:


Arrow up=buy

Arrow down=sell.


Here’ the download link: PlotArrows