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How To Trade The Price Action Forex Trading Signals

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I want to clarify some things regarding the free Forex trading signals that get updated regularly on this page so that you know how to trade the price action Forex trading signals.

You will get “zones of opportunity” and a brief commentary stating what could happen in the zone.  Remember though, price action will form and could change the commentary if I updated during the week – which I don’t.

For example:  If I call for a potential short at resistance, what would a failure of that look like?

  1. Price could base below resistance which is a bullish sign
  2. Price could break resistance, muted pullback on what could now be support for a long trade
  3. Price could simply break and not look back

Knowing what the failure will look like gets you one step ahead as other blindly play a short.  Once they realize they are wrong footed, their actions could help propel your trade!

I am using what is presented at the time.  Things change.  As a trader, learn how to adapt to changing circumstances and you will be light years ahead of the competition.


Higher Time Frames?

I do take into consideration the weekly charts.

While you may be seeing an uptrend on a daily, the weekly could be showing me a downtrend using market structure and I will use that to base my outlook.

In clear markets where we have a trending pattern, I may not pay attention to the higher trend but will look for exhaustion in price which will influence my outlook.




With these Price Action signals,  you will be able to see the  “BEFORE” and “AFTER” results of my analysis, like this below which is the GBPJPY trading setup I posted and how price has hit the trend line and moved down 160 pips already:

how to trade forex signals

Now, it is good to study PRICE history so that you can learn what can “potentially”happen in the future.

But here’s a fact: price history wont make you money. It just gives you the knowledge.

The application of that knowledge to what is happening at the present- price patterns, candlesticks etc and anticipating what kind of outcome these will cause and taking trades based on that analysis…that is what is going to make you money (and throw proper Forex money management into this mix as well).

That’s why I sort of decided that:

  1. If you have gone through my forex price action trading course,
  2. the  next reasonable step would be to actually show you what is happening in REAL TIME regarding price action trading and so you can see how these trading setups are forming and how price reacts to each setup etc.
  3. and also show you how you can trade those price action trading setups  and what kind of price action trading strategies to apply in each case (nothing is always the same).

So that’s how the free forex signals idea was born. That’s the story anyway, in case you are interested.

Now, that is not the main point I’m trying to get to you here. As a matter of fact, I’m about to tell you how to trade these forex signals.



  • I tend to focus on the big picture which means I’m looking for price action trading setups that are forming in larger timeframes like the monthly, weekly, daily and 4 hr timeframe.
  • Based on that, I ask myself this question: is this setup likely to happen this week? If the answer is yes, then that will be a price action signal that I will post. If the answer is no, it won’t be posted even though it is still a valid setup forming BUT IT IS TOO FAR AWAY and the chances of it forming during the week are zero. So the sums of all the “yeses” are those forex trading signals that you see posted every week. Some weeks, there can be 3 forex signals only. Some weeks, it can be 10 forex signals to watch.
  • So if you are looking for daily forex signals, you’d be totally disappointed because I’m not really looking for 10 pips a day sort of trading style. I’m looking for trading setups that have the potential to go hundreds of pips in profits with less risk, which simply means trading setups that have really good risk:reward potential.
  • so what kind of price action trading setups I look for when analyse the forex charts? Well, everything mentioned in the price action trading course but the main ones are trendlines, channels, price action confluence, support and resistance levels, price charts like head and shoulders pattern (just to name a few).



Its a weekly forex signal.

I will  give you all the potential price action trading setups and signals that are most likely to happen during the week.

On rare occasions:

  • I may post a trading setup I had missed
  • or a trading setup that I thought would most likely happen in 2-3 weeks time but because price has moved too quickly, that setup may now be closer to being traded.


How Many Forex Signals Do I Expect To Get?

Depends on the price action setups that I see and if they fit the conditions I mentioned above.

You may have 10 setups to watch in a week.

Then you may only have 3 setups to watch during the following week.

Or you can have only 1 signal in another week or sometime, you may have none.

As I said, it really depends on the setups that I see and I only post the setups that I think will have good risk:reward, like 1:3 and above.



On the weekends, either Saturday or Sunday-I do my analysis and then update the forex trading signals page on the weekend.

So if you check a few hours just before the forex market opens on Monday, you’d see the updated forex trading signals /price action trading setups to watch out for during the week. (That is if you are not on my  email trade setup alert list).

On rare occasion, I may post very early on Monday morning just a few hours before the forex market opens.




The forex trading signals charts always have sufficient information/clues as to what type of trading setup is being formed and based on this setup, it is easy to figure out what type of forex trading strategy can be applied to it.

In any trading setup chart you will see, there’s got to be:

  • lines and
  • arrows.
  • and some instances, fib levels as well

These alone should be sufficient to give you the clue you need to trade a setup.

Let me give you an example:

  • if you see a chart with 2 trendlines pointing in different directions and also price is near to one of the trendlines and you have 2 arrows pointing in different directions but there is no explanation.
  • It is just that plain chart with 2 lines and 2 arrows….how do you know what trading system to use to trade this setup? How would you interpret that price action trading setup?

How to trade the price action forex trading signals

If you were given this chart above and I didn’t write anything telling you what kind of setup this was and how to take this trade setups then you should be able to figure this out yourself based on the two trendlines and the 2 arrows.

The main question you should be asking is this: What is happening here on this trading setup?

Based on that question, this should be your interpretation:

  • I can see that price is now near the bottom trendline therefore two things can happen as shown by the two arrows pointing in different directions, price can hit the trendline and bounce back up or price breaks that trendline and head down.
  • therefore, if price will bounces up…as indicated by the arrow  pointing up,  I should be  looking for bullish reversal candlestick to buy and I will be using the trendline trading system to do it.
  • but if price breaks the trendlines, then I should anticipate that the price will continue to move down….and should that happen, I will use the trendline breakout strategy to trade that breakout.

See? I  told you!

It was going to be really simple :-).


These are the main forex trading strategies that are used:

And then there’s also time when there will be price action trading setups based on chart patterns and that’s when you need to familiarize yourself with the following chart patterns forex trading strategies like these below:

So it is better for you to familiarize yourself with these forex trading strategies listed above.

As I said, the chart analysis I do will instantly tell you how to trade a particular forex trading signal/setup and what kind of forex trading system to use in each case and most likely, one of these strategies above will be used.


A general rule of thumb: place stop loss outside of obvious support and resistance levels (these are also referred to as swing lows and swing highs).

I suggest you read this post I wrote: how to calculate stop loss size based on the market conditions

How Much Risk To Allocate To Each Trade?

Well, this should help you….

trading quotes about forex money management

So that’s how you know how to trade the price action forex trading signals that are updated weekly on this forex signals  page.

Don’t forget to share this…thanks.

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