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Forex Advertising

As of Sept 2016,  this site got more than 44,000 visitors and more than 110,000 page views. You will see the full details of this below.

Visitor Numbers September 2016

Total Visitors=44,592

Page Views=112,642

Average Page View Per Visitor=2.53

Average time spent on site per visitor:4 minutes, 41 seconds.


Visitor Demographic For September


September Visitor Acquisition Overview

Organic visits continues to increase each month.


Visitor Numbers August 2016:

  • total visitors=41,469
  • page views=98,891
  • Average Page view per visitor=2.38
  • Average time spent on site: 4 mins and 11 seconds

AForex Advertising forextradingstrategies

Visitor Demographics For August

The chart below shows the information on where my website visitors come from. This data is for August.


August Visitor Acquisition Overview

This pie chart data below shows how visitors get to my site. As you can see, most visitors come to my site from organic search.


This table below is just a breakdown of the pie chart data shown above.



September Vs August Traffic Numbers

Total Traffic Increased by 3,023 in September compared to August.

Organic Visitors Increased by   4,238 in September compared to August.

Pageviews:  12,751 more more pageviews compared to August which means a lot more eyes on your ads.

If you advertise now and lock in for 6 months to 1 year, you will gain on whatever future traffic increases without paying anything extra. Your choice.

Forex Advertising Cost & Spots 

Mobile visitors continue to increase and therefore, and I strongly suggest that you make your banner adds mobile responsive in light of that fact.

There’s only limited number banner adds  for forex advertising available (6 spots) to individuals and companies that I believe are good fit for my audience.

If you believe you  have a product or service you want to advertise here then I’d be happy to assist you.

Note that I do once in a while will change the position of the widgets from the left hand column to the right side so that regular visitors do not suffer banner ad blindness.

Each add will have its own dedicated spot.

Long Term Advertising Deals

  • 5 % discount if you book for 3 months.
  • 10% discount  if you book an add spot for 6 months or more.


Block #1 Header (Available Now)
Page: any
Max width: 728px Max height: 90px
Preferred Size:Responsive
 Rate: $600/Month
Block #2  Under Article/Post Title (Available Now)
Page: any
Ad sizes:
Max width: 336px Max height: 728px
Or responsive (preferred method)
Rate: $500/Month
Block #3 Sidebar (Available Now)
Page: any
Max width:250px Max height: 600px
Or Responsive (preferred method)
 Rate: $450/Month

Block #4 Sidebar (Available Now)

Page: any
Max width: 250px
Max height: 600px
Or Responsive (preferred method)
Block #5 Footer (Available Now)
Page: any
Max width: 728px
Max height: 90px
Or responsive (preferred method)
Rate: $500/month
Block #6 After 2nd Paragraph  (Available Now)
Page: any
Ad sizes:
Max width: 336px Max height: 728px
Or responsive (preferred method)

Why Advertize Here

Payment Methods

Paypal or Bank Wire


How To Start 

  1. Email me rkay[@] and send your forex advertising materials like: text banners, links etc.
  2. State your preference, what ad block number you want and duration of campaign
  3. Confirmation and payment details will be sent to you.
  4. Pay
  5. Your ad get placed on


Terms Of Advertising

  • Advertiser grants full permision to publish all forex advertising materials that are provided in such a way to represent you the advertiser online.
  • You as an advertiser assume full liability and responsibility for all advertising materials provided such as images, text, logos or any other form of advertising instruments
  • has the right to reject or accept any forex advertising material based on the quality and appropriateness of such materials.
  • The advertiser must provide all the details required like ad block #, pages to be shown on or sitewide, time period and if there are additional preferences, these details must be confirmed in email.