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16 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. You did a super job describing all your strategies. Very well done. I did not see the wedge pattern trading (I mean ascending wedge and descending wedge). Did I miss seeing them on your site?
    Paul Ika

    1. Thanks for the words Paul You are right, we’ve not written about those. We will put that on the list! Thanks

  2. Hi RKay,
    I found your posts about the downsides of binary options trading after sending you my first post about it…you confirmed almost all of my personal experiences studying and demo trading b.o. as well. The NADEX brokerage is regulated by the CFTC and is to my research, not a scam, but I agree with you on its constricting & limited platform–after looking at the MT4 platform and other high quality charting platforms I’d never want to waste my time and therefore my money on a difficult to use platform where I could easily miss trade after trade just trying to navigate from one screen to the next!

    I’m so happy to have lucked out on finding your website and free price action course…I’m about to throw myself into it, and then take advantage of learning on demo first, using your signal service.

    (Re: Stock Options etc.: I had studied commodities futures/options off and on for awhile and found that options do offer some real creative opportunities along with more safety than futures trading for making money but I don’t have the capital right now to give over to trading them. (Maybe I will after I trade in FOREX for awhile!)


  3. Hi RKay,
    Your genuineness and generosity in sharing what you’ve learned through sweat and tears makes you more trustworthy than others who are peddling trading info of dubious value and high prices.

    As a relative newbie to trading (I’ve taken a course on Binary Options, done some Demo trading); I can see the advantages of limited up-front known risk and reward provided by Binary Options/Nadex…but the Nadex platform seems so constricting and unable to provide simple easy profits to those who even understand the basics. The risk:reward ratio is not very good for ITM trades and for OTM trades the risk usually is too high; then the ATM trades are just like flipping a coin!

    I’m considering switching to Forex trading, what do you think of Binary Options vs Forex?
    I like the advantage of Forex offering a stop loss which B.O. do not; and that with Forex, if you’re right you get to take advantage of profiting from a big number of pips instead of having your profit cut by the expiry time and limited contract profit of $100 – $investment = your profit if you win at expiry.
    Thanks for your thoughts.

    1. I have no use for binary options and the short term directional bet. Stock options give more ways to make money depending on your play, gains and losses are limited. Grab this download if options, real options, are something you’d consider:
      I have been trading FX for over a decade. Long gone are the bucket shops and lack of regulations. I will never leave.

  4. Hi RKay,
    I have a question about the 50 PIPS a day strategy. You state that the trade should be placed at the close of the 7am GMT candle. You also say that is 3 in the morning for you. Does that mean that you are on the eastern time zone? When I convert 7am GMT to EST it says this is 3am as well. My MT4 platform says 3am is 10am GMT. I just want to make sure that I place the trade on the right candle.

    1. Eastern time zone. 10 a.m. GMT is 6 a.m. EST. There is a GMT setting in MT4 when you log in I believe. As well, your broker may be converting the time and depending on where the broker is…it may be different.

  5. Dear editor
    I’m very glad to see so many trading tricks on your website.
    Recently, I jsut learned this “50 Pips A Day Forex Day Trading Strategy”, but I’m confused by the ” wait until the end of the day and exit your trade” in the trading rules part. Can you help me define the “end of the day”?
    Thanks a lot.

  6. Good day Sir! Thank you very much for this great knowledge that you are sharing to us. I am still just practicing right now on a demo account, and you have definitely shed light on many things about forex that I did not understood. I have found some success on some of my trades on my demo account. I will continue reading your amazing and informative website to have better understanding on forex.
    May God Bless you more sir! And More Power to You!

    1. That’s excellent you found success in a demo account! That is the best way to start to get used to how you intend to trade. I am glad you find the information that is on the site helpful. I hope to continue doing this….as long as people such as yourself still find interest. Thanks!

  7. hi Rkay, thanks for the free info you shared on the website, I downloaded the Supply and demand indicator, it seem very very interesting, testing in demo see how it goes. Thank you
    Happy life!

  8. I have been going over the MT4 indicators on your website and found some of them to be very beneficial. However I do have a question with regards to the Gartley Pattern indicator. Over the last week or so I have used the Indicator on many occasions in my demo account to see how if performs. What I have discovered is there is quite a considerable number of these that do not meet the criteria of the fibonachi ratios that a Gartley Pattern requires to be valid. Can you explain the reason for this and give me your take on what your interpretation of a Gartley is..

    The other thing of note is the red square box. Can you explain what this is to be used for and often there are a number of arrows green/red as there is no explanation in the notes.

    Appreciate your assistance in this matter.



    1. Hi Kevin. I didn’t program the indicator. I searched for it because some people did ask about using an indicator for the Gartley. I personally would not use an indicator for it. You can look at my article Gartely Pattern Forex Trading Strategy for more information on that Fib pattern. Glad you’ve enjoyed my work.

      1. Thanks for your reply. I have read your article on the Gartley along with a number of other Patterns etc. and found them very informative . Thanks again


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