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Free Forex Signals Now Published:  Aug 21- Aug 25 2017

All of these free Forex signals are based on price action, price structure and can result in trading opportunities.  These Forex signals use technical analysis to choose these trading setups.

The signals are setup during the off hours of the FX market and the setups become live once the markets open on Sunday afternoon (assuming you are in New York).  If you have subscribed, you should receive an email letting you know signals are posted by Sunday afternoon.

The beauty of Forex trading like this is you are not waiting for a lagging technical indicator to flash an entry signals.  You can see, in advance, the setup that we are looking to take advantage of.

  • We are reactive to price action in these areas
  • We do not attempt to forecast although an idea can be helpful
  • Don’t get blinded by your opinion
  • Price rules

While some of you may choose to scalp or day trade the foreign exchange market with these free signals, please note they are designed for a swing trading approach.

Please be fully aware of your overall “risk appetite” when it comes to your trading account and your Forex broker margin rules.

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6 Free Forex Trading Signals For Aug 21 – Aug 25 2017

Virtually every chart last week had an obvious playable move using the same techniques covered on the site. Those same types of moves are also covered in these weekly updates so there should be no mystery or surprises for those who visit here every week.

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Almost 1300 pips were up for grabs from the free setups I posted. You would not have gotten them all but you only need one or two plays to make money. Remember, it’s not how often you trade but how big your position sizing is when you do trade that really matters.

Shout out to Chris who played the USDCAD chart like a pro!

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