7 Interesting Facts About Support And Resistance Levels

Support and resistance levels in forex form the core of a  lot of forex trading strategies including price action trading.

But the truth is that many new forex traders still get it wrong when it comes to trading support and resistance levels because they do not understand some of these 7 interesting facts I’m going to mention here.

These can help you in your trading…

#1: Obvious  Factor

Every support and resistance level on any chart must be VERY obvious.

Which means they stick out, stand out, whatever you may call it.

In simple terms, support and resistance levels should stick out like a bull’s balls:

resistance and support levels must be obvious to everyone

If you are unsure if a level you see is  a S&R level or not, then get back to  what I said before ask yourself this question: is it really obvious?

If you can’t see it, thousands of traders all over the world can’t see it. Which means don’t bother with such price levels.

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