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Metatrader Forex Trend Indicators – Catch the Big Moves

Making money in the Forex market is all about catching the beginning of a trend with Metatrader forex trend indicators. Like a wave, the rise of a trend raises all boats with little effort. If you are using Metatrader, here are the four biggest indicators to look for to catch a profitable ride on these moneymakers.

Fractal Adaptive Moving Average (FRAMA) Forex Indicator

FRAMA is a creation of John Ehlers that exploits the fractal characteristics of the markets. For any period you choose, the FRAMA indicator averages the highs and lows of the total range over different segments of the period you choose. Traders are able to focus solely on the most important price changes within a period, pointing out significant moves with no noise to cause distraction.

Fractal Adaptive Moving Average FRAMA

Darvas Forex Trend Indicators

One of the longstanding strategies within the Forex market initially designed by Nicolas Darvas in 1956, the DarvasForex Indicator still works because of its simplicity. You simply make moves into currencies that reach new peaks, a deceptively effective momentum strategy that has been an ace in the hole for many traders for a long time.

Forex Trend Indicators Darvas Boxes

Disparity Index Forex Indicator

The disparity index uses the current market price of a currency and a moving average of time specific prices in the market to zero in on strong trends. This is also a great indicator to determine if a trend is about to reach its peak and fizzle out. You can quickly determine if an asset is overbought or oversold using the disparity index and stay away from trends that are about to crash.

Smoothed Hull Moving Average Forex Indicator

A smoother version of the Hull Moving Average, the signal lines that you follow give traders the ability to more closely follow price activity. This is a great choice for medium and long term traders.

Smoothed Hull Forex Trend Indicators


Here’s a strategy using Forex Trend Indicators putting it all together.

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