TOP 10 Reversal Candlestick Patterns Every Forex Trader Needs To Know In 2019

#10: Doji Candlestick Pattern

Remember I said in the beginning that a doji candlestick pattern can go both ways and it really depends a lot on where the doji candlestick forms?

Well, in that context, the doji candlestick can be a bullish reversal candlestick when it is formed in a downtrend.

As you should know by now, the doji candlestick is a single candlestick pattern.

It tends to be a very short candlestick with little to no body at all. This shows a period of indecision.

On the chart below, note that the 2nd  doji candlestick forms on a support level and the breakout of its high saw price going up in an uptrend:


doji candlestick reversal

Where  Doji Candlestick Patterns Form On A Chart

Look for doji candlestick patterns when price is near or touching these levels:

  • major support levels
  • upward trendline bounces
  • fib retracement levels


Summary Of Reversal Bars & Reversal Candlesticks

I have covered 5 bearish engulfing patterns and they are:

  • bearish engulfing
  • shooting star/or bearish pin bar
  • bearish harami candlestick pattern
  • the dark cloud cover candlestick pattern
  • and the doji candlestick pattern

Here’s what they look like just to refresh you memory again:

bearish reversal candlestick patterns

I also covered 5 bullish reversal candlestick patterns patterns and they are:

  • bullish engulfing reversal pattern
  •  bullish hammer/ bullish pin bar pattern
  • bullish harami candlestick pattern
  • piercing line candlestick pattern
  • and the doji candlestick pattern

Here’s what they look like:

bullish reversal candlesticks patterns

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