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Ross Hook Indicator MT4 (DOWNLOAD LINK)

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If you are looking for the ross hook indicator mt4, I’ve found one online and placed the download link at the very bottom of this page.

This ross hook indicator is called the Ross hook_show123v2 Alerts.

This indicator will only work in the mt4 trading platform.

Disclaimer: I do not trade using this ross hook indicator or the ross hook pattern forex trading strategy. It may be something you may be interested in.


How The Ross Hook Mt4 Indicator Works

  • once you attach the ross hook indicator on any charts, it identified the 123 patterns first
  • then secondly, it picks out the ross hook pattern that tends to come after the formation of the 123 pattern.
  • a green “RH” simply means a bullish ross hook pattern setup.
  • a red “RH” simply means a bearish ross hook pattern setup.

Here’s what it looks like when you attach the ross hook mt4 indicator on your chart:

Does The Ross Hook Indicator Mt4 Work In All Timeframes?

Yes. The ross hook indicator works in all timeframes from the 1minute up to the monthly timeframe charts.

How To Trade With The Ross Hook Pattern Indicator Mt4

As you can see on the chart above, the ross hook indicator can identifies ross hook patterns all over the chart if there is one.

Do you need to trade very ross hook pattern that form?

Good question.

In my opinion, no. It is not a good ideas to trade very ross hook pattern setup that you see.

What I suggest is that you only wait for ross hook pattern to form on key price levels like:

  • when price reaches a trendline
  • when price hits a support or resistance level
  • when price hits a fibonacci retracement level
  • etc

Only when price hits these levels and when a ross hook pattern forms then take a trade based on the ross hook pattern.


Ross Hook Pattern Indicator Mt4 Download Link

Here’s the download link to the ross hook pattern mt4 indicator: Ross Hook_show123v2 Alerts

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