18 Advantages of Forex Trading Compared To The Share Market

Forex vs Stock Market. Which is better?  Here are 18 Advantages of Forex Trading Compared to stock market (share market).

forex trading advantages


1: Trade Forex Anytime You Like

Whether you are at home, or at work or on holidays, in the evening or in the middle of the night, the forex market is open 24 hours.

2: Be Your Own Boss-If

You can only achieve this status when you trade profitably and the income you make from forex trading can sustain your life, pay the bills, pay off the car, pay the mortgage etc.

3: You Can Make Extra Income Trading Forex

Or you can still have your job and trade forex and make extra income on the side.

4: Less Overhead Costs To Trade Forex Than Running A Brick And Motar Business

All you need is a laptop and internet connection. No employees and not insurance, not bills to worry about here.

5: Trade Forex Anywhere In The World

Yes, you can be the top of an Egyptian Pyramid and can still trade forex.

6: Even If The Economy Is Going Bad, You Can Still Make Money In Forex Trading

Economies going bad makes very lucrative trading opportunities in the forex market for traders that especially know how do do that.

7: Forex Trading Has Really Low Transaction Costs

Oh, yeah, unlike the share market, the forex market has one of the lowest transaction costs.

8:It is Very Easy to Open A Forex Trading Account

These days, it takes 5 minutes minimum to open a forex trading account online.

9: You Can Fund Your Forex Trading Account With As Little as $100

Yes, you can open a forex trading account as little as $100. I’ve even seen forex brokers saying you can open their accounts for as little as $25.

But seriously, if you want to make big money in fox, you cannot trade with a $25 or $100 and expect to make $1,000 a month in forex trading.

That is not going to happen.

10: Using Forex Leverage In Your Favor To Make More Money…But It Also Can Bite

The ability to control huge amount of money while only depositing a very small amount of your own money is one of the biggest advantage of forex trading.

However, if not understand and respected, leverage can also work against you.

11: Forex Market is Highly Liquid Market because it is the biggest market in the world

A highly liquid market means that you can get in and out of trades in the forex market without any issues at all. Your can trade 1 million contracts and it won’t even move the market. Because the forex market is so huge and so liquid.

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12: Forex Market Prices cannot be manipulated or controlled Easily like in the Stock Market

Unlike the share market where you hear lots of stories on the news about insider trading and market manipulation, the forex market is hard to control or manipulate by one man or one organisation.

13: Instantaneous Order execution

The increase in technology has allowed the forex trader to execute trades on their computer with ease and lighting fast order execution.

14: Make money in both up or down markets

You can make money in forex while the market is going up and you can make money while the market is going down.

15: Demo Trading

If you are not sure sure about forex trading and want to have a feel of it without risking real money, demo trading is the way to go.

16: You are not limited by the amount or size of trade you can place

The forex market can handle huge orders with ease. This is especially good for traders and institutions that have really huge trading accounts in the billions.

17: A lot fewer currencies to trade than the stock market

Did you know that the forex market has at least 20-25 currency pairs to trade vs the stock market with has thousands of shares to look at, analyze and trade?

18: Forex Market Opens 24 hrs, 5 days a week

Yes, the forex market opens 24 hours 5 days a week, which means you can trade it any time any where.