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Forex Blog Grows (MASSIVE THANKS!)

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Hello Traders, RKay here, when I started this forex blog in Mid  2015, I didn’t expect that it would grow this quick.

And this is just a BIG thankyou to those traders that come here to learn about forex trading, interact with this trading blog and who have become regular visitors.

In The Beginning

You know, when I started this forex blog, my aim was “traders helping traders” kind of blog where I share what I learnt including my crazy forex mistakes as well as sharing free forex trading strategies, indicators, trading tips techniques and the whole lot.

The forex blog started slowly, but I never thought it could grow so much in a short period of time.

In January 2016, the number of visitors to this site was only  2,177 visitors and fast forward to May 2016, the total number of visitors during that month was 20,138 as shown on the website traffic detail shown below:

Forex Blog


Measure Of Success…Its You (The Returning Visitor)

Now, if you look carefully above in the traffic details of this forex blog, in the pie chart, you will see two things:

  1. returning visitor
  2. and new visitor.

Forget the new visitor because he or she comes once to this site and goes, never returns.

But the returning visitor is you!

  • you are the one that keeps coming back to to read and learn about forex trading.
  • Its you that share, like, tweet, link, mention and spread the word about
  • Its you that has become a fan on facebook and is following me on twitter (just started).
  • its you that is commenting on the posts and asking questions.
  • its you from India, Malaysia, Indonesia, UK, US, Australia, Philippines, Thailand, Canada and the list goes Goes on.

Its traders like Jack, who I don’t know why, would head to the MOST BORING PAGE of the whole site (the about page) and become an unsolicited editor  🙂 telling me to fix my spelling mistakes. THANKS JACK! MUCH APPRECIATED!

Trader Jack Responds on Forex Trading Blog

Its Traders like Thulisile asking me to be a trading mentor but I politely refused because as I have said here that I’m not a pro trader so take my ideas and tips with a grain of salt.

If I had a million dollars in my forex trading account, and I’ve quit from my day job and I’m full time trader , maybe I’d be thinking of becoming a mentor.

Right now, I don’t fit that description therefore I’m really unqualified to be a trading mentor in the scheme of things:

Trader Thulisile Making A Comment On Forex Blog

A Big thanks to Thulisile for regularly visiting and commenting.

Keep reading and learning, it takes time. You’ll get there!


Its traders like Thet Naung Soe who commented on post and  gave a thumbs up to

Fx Trader Thet Making A Comment on Forex Trading Blog

Its traders like Suchitra who visit regularly to learn about forex trading:

forex trader suchitra

Thanks Suchitra for being a regular visitor.

Even if you are are regular visitor of this site and never commented or liked or tweeted or shared any post, that is not important, what is important to me is that the information that is being provided here must be better or maybe easy to read and understand or maybe this site explains difficult trading concepts in an easy to understand type of way and maybe that’s why it has grown so much in only 5 months.

Whatever it is that keeps you coming back, I really do thank you for doing that.


And then The Amazing FTS4U Facebook Fans (301+ And Increasing)

To the amazing Indonesian Fans, you guys and girls form the largest fans base with 167 fans followed by Malaysia 21 followed by Thailand at 19, India at 12 and USA at 12.

Guess how many fans I have from Australia?  Only 1.

And also a very big thanks these FTS4U fans for joining recently:

Rosalyn Williams

Buffalo Fx

Sang Pemberi Harapan

Presta Ar

Aziz Ndas Black

Lyan Lenak Rungku

Sulaeman (Gaslee)

Hoh AN 


And To My First 5  Twitter Followers!

The following 5 are the first followers on twitter:

  1. Madhavan
  3. George k Joseph
  4. Sibusiso ka Ngubeni
  5. 1234567890000000 (wish my bank account looks like this! 🙂

Forex Blog Twitter Followers



Do you have some trading experience that you want to share on this blog?

Maybe you are a professional forex trader and you don’t have to go to work everyday like me? Honestly, we’d love to hear from such successful traders like you. Maybe you can be a mentor to the forex traders that visit this site and even me!!!

Or have you developed a forex trading system that you are demo testing or live trading and its working for you…would you like to share it?

Or you have found a trading system somewhere or an indicator somewhere and you’d like to share it here, that would be awesome too.

Or are you a talented mt4 coder that can create mt4 indicator and expert advisor and you would like to share your work…this forex website can be an avenue where you can share you work and I bet thousands of traders will be really thankful for your work. Or you may have a profitable expert advisor and you have traded it on a live trading account and you have the live performance data in or something similar and you want to let other forex traders know about it, then you also let other traders know in here if you want.



How can I make this forex blog better? Do you have any ideas?

For example: Should I email my forex trading signals to you or just post them weekly on the post and you just have to check them on Sunday or early Monday morning?

Should I include video of the forex trading signals/setups that I do weekly so you understand the thought process behind how I do my price action forex technical analysis?

I’d be happy to get your feedback and I’m really open to suggestions as to how to make this forex blog better.

If you have an idea and even if it seems crazy, just go ahead and state your suggestions in the comment below and send them to me or you can email me at rkay(at)



To my faithful fans on facebook, I also hope that you will also follow me on twitter.

If there’s anything you’ve enjoyed on blog, please  don’t forget to Keep Sharing, Liking, Linking, Commenting, Tweeting, and even Mentioning This forex Website In Other Trading Sites as well so that more traders will come here and also benefit from the variety of forex trading education materials provided on this forex blog.

Thank you all!

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