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Forex Trading Signal Reviews


  • notice how the price has bounced up after hitting the rising trendline?
  • that move is about 130 pips.
  • really good buys signals were given in the 1hr and 4hr timeframes as well.




  • the chart below shows the outcome of the buy trade setup on the daily chart.
  • if you trade that daily chart, your risk:reward would not have been really good as price did not move as much in that timeframe.
  • but if you traded the 4hr or even the 1hr, you’d have seen some good buy signals in those smaller timeframes.


Here’s what 4hr timeframe buy signals looked like.

You’d have made money on this setup easy.



  • notice confluence here? the light blue line is a major resistance and the trendline breakout test coming into play?
  • so where price moved down from is a “sell zone”. Notice the bearish harami reversal candlestick pattern.
  • if you traded this setup, you would have made money.



Forex Trading Signals Performance For 19th-23rd September 2016

There were 7 forex signals for the 19th-23rd September period. Out of these 7 forex signals, only one trade setup formed.

It was the NZDCAD Sell setup.

This was the trade setup I saw:


This was the update I posted on twitter and facebook:(follow my pages there if you haven’t done so).


At the market close on Friday, 23rd Sept, this was how price moved based on that setup. See chart below.

As you can see, there was a bearish harami pattern on the daily. Any trader who traded the breakout of the low of the inside bar would have made money on this setup.


Forex Trading Performance Reviews For The 12th-16th Of September 2016

Of the 7 forex signals for the 12-16th September, only 3 trade setups did happen.

Lets look at each of the 3 trading setups to see if they made money or not.

#1: EURAUD Trade Setup Performance

  • there were no valid signals in the 4hr but in the 1hr timeframe, you can see the valid dark cloud cover pattern.
  • after the 1hr sell signal was generated, price dropped by at least 100 pips before reversing and intersecting the trendline and many would have thought that its over…but it wasn’t over for this setup.
  • Because on the daily, you can see a bearish engulfing pattern signal and just due to the fact that this sell signal was generated very close to the broken trendline, I consider this as a valid sell setup and if you took the trade, you’d be at least 60 pips in profit by now.



#2: GBPUSD Trading Setup Performance

  • can you can see the green bullish outside bar as price went back down to touch that broken trendline down below?
  • that pattern is called the bullish engulfing and that was good buy signal but price was not keen to follow through with the signal
  • so this was a losing trade setup.


#3: USDCAD Forex Signal Performance

  • This is an interesting setup…notice on the daily chart below the red shooting star candlestick as price hits the falling trendline.
  • But the low of the shooting star candlestick was not broken and price shot up past the falling trendline.
  • now, if you were waiting in the 1hr timeframe, you would have seen 3 reversal candlestick patterns as shown on the chart below.
  • Price moved down at least 70-90 pips after those sell signals were generated.
  • But later price reversed and broke the trendline.



Forex Trading Performance Reviews For The 5th-9th Of September 2016

Out of the 8 forex trading signals given for the 5th-9th of September, only 8 signals did form. Lets look at each of these forex signals that did form and see if they made any money or not.

#1: GBPUSD Trade Setup Performance

  • trading the 1hr and the 4hr timeframe would have been a bit tricky as you would have seen price breaking the falling trendline and closing above it.
  • but when you switch to the daily timeframe, you see that a bearish harami pattern was formed after the trendline breakout. That is a sell signal as it is “not too far away” from that broken trendline.
  • if you too a sell trade based on the breakout of the low of the inside bar candlestick, you be at least 300 pips in profit by now.


#2: GBPAUD Trade Setup Performance

  • there were sell signals in 1hr, 4hr and even the daily timeframe. Price moved down more than 200 pips before reversing up and breaking the trendline.
  • you would have made money on this setup if you took a sell trade in any of the 3 timeframes mentioned and locked in your profits as price moved down.



#3: GBPCHF Trade Setup Performance

  • there were sells signals in 1hr, 4hr and daily timeframes.
  • you’d be grinning like an idiot if you took this trade setup as you’d be at least 340 pips in profit by now.



#4: GBPCAD Trade Setup Performance

  • if you traded in the 1hr or the 4hr timeframes, you’d most like have been stopped out.
  • but if you watched the daily timeframe, a bearish harami pattern formed and if you shorted the breakout of inside bar, price moved down by 120 pips max.


#5: AUDNZD Trade Setup Performance

  • support level was broken and that would have been a losing trade.
  • but price went down and bounced up from the lower trendline and so far its up 40 pips.


#6: NZDUSD Trade Setup Performance

  • it would have been tricky if you were watching this setup unfold in 1hr or 4hr timeframe as you would have seen price break that upper channel trendline and go up.
  • the good thing though too, is that there were really no valid sell signals in the 1hr or the 4hr timeframes.
  • but the daily chart did produce a good sell signal: bearish outside bar and if you took a sell trade based on that you’d be at least 140 pips plus in profit bu now.


Forex Signal Reviews For 29th August-2nd Sept 2016

  • There were 12 forex signals for the above period.
  • Out of these, 8 setups did happen.
  • Lets just look at these 8 to see if they were losing or winning trade setups.

#1: Forex Signal Review USDJPY

  • this setup worked out as anticipated but there were no valid sell signal in the 1hr
  • 4hr timeframe had a valid sell signal but the distance of that signal candlestick was like 90 pips which means my stop loss would be about 100 pips plus and I don’t like that.
  • But funny thing though, if you look at the 30 minute timeframe, a really good sell signal was generated and after that price dropped by at least 80 pips.
  • would have been a really good winning setup if you were watching the 30 minute timeframe.

forex trading signal review usdjpy


#2: Forex Signal Review USDCHF

  • good setup with a good sell signal generated in the 1hr timeframe as you can see below.
  • winning trade setup

forex signal reviews USDCHF

#3: Forex Signal Review NZDCAD

  • both 1hr and 4hr timeframe had a sell signal generated for this setup.
  • I expect a lot more downward move on this pair still…
  • winning trade setup

forex signal review nzdcad

#4: Forex Signal Review USDCAD

  • Sometimes price breaks a level/line and tricks you and then what you were thinking happens…like this.
  • losing trade setup initially but if you saw those the doji candlestick above the trendline and took a short trade, you’d be in profit by now so in that regard, it would be a winning setup.

forex signals reviews usdcad


#5: Forex Signal Review GBPAUD

  • price hit the trendline and moved down by at least 160 pips.
  • there was a sell signal in the 1hr as shown below and even in the 4hr timeframe which is not shown here (open up your chart and check this out).
  • a possibility of price moving furhter down based on the bearish harami candlestick pattern forming on Thursday and Friday’s candlesticks.
  • winning trade setup.

forex signal review gbpaud


#6: Forex Signal Review GBPCAD

  • price broke through this trendline so a losing setup
  • but notice the bearish harami after doing that? Might take a tumble this week.
  • losing trade setup.

GBPCAD forex signal review


#7: Forex Signal Review CADJPY

  • trendline setup failed to happen even though you can see a spinning top candlestick at the touch of the trendline.
  • but if you traded the trendline breakout, the price made a move of at least 110 pips as you can see below.
  • losing trade setup for trendline setup
  • but a winning trade setup for trendline breakout setup.

cadjpy forex signal review


#8: Forex Signal Review XAUUSD

  • a false bounce up from the rising trendline but price broke it and went down to the major support level at 1300 and hit it and bounced up at least 240 pips.
  • there were buy signals in the 1hr, 4hr timeframes if you were watching in those timeframes.
  • losing trade setup for the first buy setup on the trendline
  • but a winning trade setup on the bounce up from the major support level.

forex signal review xauusd

Forex Signal Reviews For 22nd-26th August 2016

There were 5 trading setups I sent out for the week but 2 of them did not happen. Only 3 trade setups did happen and for those 3, here’s how they turned out:

#1: NZDUSD Signal Review

  • price did not obey trendline.
  • you would have lost money on this setup.

forex signal review nzdusd

#2: USDCHF Signal Review

  • price obeyed the resistance level/zone identified for only 30 pips move but later reversed and went up.
  • there was a sell signal on 4hr TF if you look closely.
  • also there was a sell signal on the 1hr timeframe.
  • would you have made money?  Maybe not, if you were aiming for 100 pips or more profit. If you did not move your stop loss to breakeven, this would be a losing trade setup.

usdchf forex signal review

#3:XAUUSD Signal Review

  • there was no buy signal in the 4hr TF.
  • in the 1hr TF there was a buy signal of bullish harami but the high of the inside bar was not broken to the upside so no buy trade should have been taken.
  • if you notice below, after price broke the trendline, it went up again to test it and bounced down again from it moving a total of almost 200 pips. You could have made money on this setup if you took that broken trendline retest setup.


xauusd signal review


Forex Trading Signal Reviews For 15th-19th August

There were 7 forex signals for the 15-19th August. 2 trade setups did not happen.

The 5 that did happen are shown below.

#1: USDCHF Forex Signal Review

  • 4hr timeframe gave a good buy signal causing price to move at up 30 pips before reversing.
  • bullish harami pattern shown on daily but price did not respond to that.

USDCHF forex trading signal review

#2: USDCAD Forex Signal Review

  • excellent trade setup, 125 pips move after touching trendline
  • both 1hr and 4hr TF had good buy signals there as shown below.
  • price may keep heading up next week.

forex trading signal review USDCAD

#3: GBPCAD forex Signal Review

  • price responded as anticipated.
  • no good buy signals in the 1hr or the 4hr. Only the daily TF had a buy signal.
  • price may keep heading up next week.

forex trading signal review gbpcad

#4: GBPCHF Forex Signal Review

  • price responded as anticipated.
  • no good buy signal in the 1hr or the 4hr but daily TF shows a strong bullish hammer.
  • price may continue to keep moving up next week.

forex trading signal review GBPCHF

#5: EURUSD Forex Signal Review

  • losing trade setup & price failed to respond to the trendline
  • if you traded the trendline breakout, you would have made money though.

eurusd forex trading signal review

Forex Trading Signals Reviews For 8th-12th August

There were 7 forex trading signals for 8-12th August. Now, to save time, I’m not going to write or explain about the trading setups that did not happen.

I will only explain or write about what actually happened and if price responded as anticipated or not.

Of these 7 forex signals, only 3 happened:


All these trade setups above were profitable. Total pips move combined was  about 500 pips and there’s more potential move next week as well.

Ok, lets look at each of the these setups and what happened and learn from them:

#1: AUDUSD Forex Trading Signal Review

If you were watching this trade setup unfold after getting my forex trading signal alert, you would have made money on this sell trade setup.

Here’s the thing with my  free forex signal alerts:

  • you are alerted many days in advance.
  • you know what what trading system to use.
  • you know what are the buy or the sell signals (its these…reversal candlestick patterns)

So with this sell trade setup, if you look at the chart below, you can see that price hit the trendline and responded as anticipated.

  • on the daily, you see the inside bar and that inside bar is a shooting star/bearish pin bar (in fact it is  a bearish harami pattern if you if you combine that candlestick with the candlestick prior). If you placed a sell stop order at least 2 pips below the low that inside bar, it would have been activated and your trade would be in profit.
  • or if you were watching in the 4hr timeframe, there were 2 sell signals. See below.

Traders, these are very simple things and nothing complicated.

Trade what you see…trade the obvious!

forex trading signal review AUDUSD

#2: NZDCAD Forex Trading Signal Review

This was an excellent trade setup. Price moved down 230 pips after hitting the trendline. Alert about this setup was sent days in advance.

  • in the daily timeframe, you see that long red candlestick? what type of candlestick is that? That’s a shooting star/bearish pin bar! A sell signal in the daily timeframe.
  • in the 4hr timeframe, what sell signal was there? Bearish harami!
  • in the 1 hr timeframe, what sell signal was there? A doji candlestick that is almost a shooting star.

Trade what you see, trade the obvious.

You would have made money on this setup if you took the trade.

forex trading signal reviews NZDCAD

#3: XAUUSD Trading Signal Review

This buy setup would have also made you money.  From the point where price hit the trendline, price moved up 200 pips.

  • In the “close up view” below, notice the 3 buy signals? One should be a “buy signal 3” but I doubled up on 2. So ignore that, that’s my typing error. But you get what I’m saying.
  • You see, sometimes price may “TRICK YOU” and intersect a trendline “a little bit” but you need to watch those candlesticks that form after that. This is a very clear case of such a situation. This can be bear trap situation, engineered to knock out stop loss as well as providing liquidity for those large money traders.
  • notice the type of reversal candlestick given by those 3 buy signals below in the close up view?

forex trading signal reviews XAUUSD

Trade what you see, trade the obvious.

Price action trading is all trading what you see and what you see must be obvious.

If you want to learn how to trade with price action, I got good news for you.

You can learn price action trading without pulling out your wallet.


Well, that’s because my price action trading course is free.

Read it for free here: price action trading course.

Don’t forget to tweet, share, like etc if you’ve enjoyed this. Many pips to you.

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