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My Top 20 Online Trading Currency Pitfalls (EMBARRASSING!)

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19: Using A Complicated Forex Trading System

How hard is your trading system?

You may not realize it but if you have a trading system with heaps of rules and conditions that must be fulfilled before you buy or sell, you are really setting yourself up for a lot of  headaches.

Many online currency traders, especially the new ones just starting out have this crazy idea that for a trading system to be profitable, it has got to be really complicated.


I’ve done that, believe me…I’ve tried complicated currency trading systems, and guess what?

It only made me more confused and frustrated and I was getting nowhere with such trading strategies. Its only when I stumbled across price action that I made progress and had faith in the price action trading strategies that I use.

Price action trading is what I’m good at and that’s based on my personality. You may be different.

Solution: Find out, test and stick to simple, easy to understand forex trading strategy that fits your personality.

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