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12 Free Forex Trading Signals For Sept 18 – Sept 22 2017

How did these play out this week?

AUDCAD – Setup called for a quick pop…and the quick pop came for 107 pips after breakout.

CHFJPY – Said to watch for failed breakout as the closing candlestick on Sept 15 was not convincing. Price simply ranged after the break making it a failure at this point.

EURCAD – Noticed a misprint on the posted chart that said price was challenging resistance however it should have read support…where price was sitting. Called for a long trade and with a buy order set above the high of Sept 15, you came into the trading week with a pop higher for 160 pips.

EURCHF – Looking for further upside upon resistance break. Quick pop for 60 pips

EURGBP – Called for a bear flag off lows. Bear flag happened but entry only possible on smaller time frames.

EURJPY – Price slowly crept upwards but no entry off daily chart. Traders who use these setups as context for day trades had several entries to the upside this week.

EURNZD – Price took a while to get to the zone of interest but did so with a momentum push on Sept 20. No upside trade at this time.

EURUSD – A week of consolidating price action

GBPCHF – No deep pullback as desired to inside support level. Price did consolidate on Sept 18 at extremes. Entry after that pullback gave been 80-150 pips depending on your style of entry.

GBPJPY – Liked the consolidating I was looking for and price broke for 140 pips before slamming back on Friday

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GBPUSD – Consolidation

USDCAD – Was looking to short the bear flag but upside break invalidates that trade idea.

1800 pips.  That was the potential during the stellar week as many of the chart locations gave excellent trading opportunities.  Some Forex pairs just ranged or had heavy shadows which, depending on context, can be horrible places to trade.

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