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13 Free Forex Trading Signals For Sept 11 – Sept 15 2017

How did these free Forex setups play out?  1800 pips!

AUDUSD – My favorite counter trend trade called a failure test played out as mentioned on the chart. 85 pips.

CADCHF – Price did not break box so we ignored a sell. Perfect bounce from our zone in trend direction for 110 pips

EURCAD – Support holding or failing trade – support held but zero entry candlestick

EURCHF – I mentioned lack of strength and nothing changed this week. I also wrote on the chart about trend lines vs horizontal support/resistance. You will see how price broke the consolidation but was rejected off resistance.

EURGBP – I brought this chart back from two weeks ago and mentioned a resolution was needed. Break of channel was resolution and 210 pips were up for grabs. Traders who understand support level failures would have shorted at break of yellow box for 315 pips.

EURNOK – A great lesson in bull/bear battles at certain price points. Was lookng for break of bear flag but bulls kept up the fight.

GBPAUD – Mentioned bulls accumulating positions and break of trend line in the update. 400 pips.

GBPUSD – Basing at resistance or support is something we talk about quite a bit. Price based at resistance. We had the one day pullback I preferred on the Monday and break of highs gave over 370 pips

NZDCHF – The quick pop I suggested happened for about 70 pips

NZDJPY – Support holding or failing trade played out with support holding. Downsloping trend line break is entry as mentioned in this blog. 165 pips

NZDUSD – Was thinking of a short coming into the week depending on price action. Price consolidated with a bullish reversal on Thursday giving us no shorts.

USDCAD – Muted price action but setting up a potential bear flag.

USDJPY – I wrote on the chart that a recover back over support can be a trade setup. It was for over 280 pips

Short trading week last week and with the storms, not too much happened with our charts that were posted.  Just over 300 pips and you can check out last week charts here.

Take a moment to look at the USDCAD chart that I posted a few weeks ago.  We never got the pullback we wanted (strong CAD) but a trend line trade set up. Congratulations to those who positioned after reading through this blog and learning how to trade trend lines.  That trade should be up over 500 pips if you are still holding on!

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