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15 Free Forex Trading Setups For Nov 6 – Nov 10 2017


How did these setups do?

AUDCAD – A pullback can be considered a consolidation in price. A range can be considered a consolidation in time. Although the chart I posted had a bear flag consideration, always infer that I generally mean a consolidation in any form. I know some of you understand that but wanted to be clear. Shorting the breakdown gave 50 pips

AUDNZD – Was looking for a resumption to the upside that never happened. Price stayed pretty tight this week.

AUDUSD – Same as above. Stayed tight.

CHFSGD – We got the consolidation we wanted but nothing setup for a trade.

EURAUD – Consolidated

EURGBP – Flag broke to upside for 40 pips

EURHKD – Consolidated

EURJPY – I said to watch this pair on a lower time frame and it setup the short we wanted. Break of 132.37 lows on 4 hour chart gave us 93 pips

EURNZD – Our breakdown happened and plotted out 169 pips before a rally set in.

GBPAUD – Bear flag broke to downside for 60 pips before the rally back up.

GBPCAD – No trade as price consolidated

GBPCHF – Consolidation

GBPNZD – Bear flag broke to downside and gave 150 pips before heading higher

USDCAD -Price is sitting in our pullback zone but no trade

Just over 1250 pips were up for grabs from the setups last week.  Astute traders would have had a double trade on EURGBP using the same setup and entry style I talk about in this blog and during these updates.

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Check out this blog post about last weeks setups when I responded to a question from a user of my setups!

Be careful this week as we have some EURO heavy setups.  Pick the ones that make sense to you!  Do not over expose yourself with risk.

Check out last week charts here.































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