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Master Forex News Trading With Price Action

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Forex news trading can be a tough way to trade for even the most seasoned traders. The volatile nature of the market and the unpredictable impact of news events make it challenging to formulate an effective trading strategy.

While some traders rely on their intuition or try to predict the market outcome, others use a more analytical approach.

forex news trading

One approach is to use price action to master Forex news trading. Price action trading is a technique that involves analyzing the movement of price to determine potential trading opportunities. It’s a popular trading strategy for Forex traders who prefer a more objective approach to trading.

By using price action, traders can avoid the issues that come with emotional trading and make better (and calm) decisions based on what actually happens in the market.

Key Takeaways

  • Price action traders rely solely on actual price movements to trade news events to see if it fits their trade plan
  • There are three groups of traders: those who pull the trigger without hesitation, those who try to outsmart the market, and those who wait for the dust to settle before making a decision.
  • Traders should use the Forex Factory event calendar to check for high and medium impact news events that could influence the currencies they’re trading, and avoid trading during major events.
  • Obsessing over Forex news is not recommended; instead, traders should focus on learning to read price action on charts.

Approach to News Trading

The approach to news trading in the context of trading forex news relies on price action to formulate an opinion, which is in contrast to the first and second groups of traders who obsessively watch the result of a news event or attempt to outsmart the market.

Traders using the approach of news analysis through price action trade what actually happens, rather than what they think should happen. They use the resulting price action to formulate an objective opinion, rather than relying on individual opinions that often lead to losses.

Similarly, this approach does not involve the use of fundamental analysis, which focuses on economic indicators and events to predict market movements, but rather relies on a technical analysis of price action to understand how the market is reacting to news events.

Trading forex news through price action provides traders with a more objective understanding of the market’s opinion, which is the only one that ultimately matters. The approach involves using the Forex Factory event calendar to check for high and medium impact news events that could influence the currencies being traded.

Traders using this approach do not trade less than 48 hours before a high-impact event, and they avoid trading during major events like non-farm payroll, Fed rate decisions, major referendums, and U.S. elections.

By waiting for the dust to settle and using the resulting price action to inform their trading decisions, traders can avoid making impulsive decisions and instead make more informed and profitable trades.

Using Price Action

Utilizing the price action approach in Forex trading involves making decisions based on actual market movements rather than personal opinions or predictions. This means that traders who use price action to trade Forex news events observe the resulting price movements and use that information to formulate an opinion.

This approach is different from technical indicator-based trading, which relies on mathematical formulas to predict future price movements.

Price action traders believe that the market’s opinion is the only one that matters. Therefore, they trade what actually happened, not what they think will happen or should happen. By analyzing price movements, traders can determine the market sentiment, its reaction to news events, and the strength of the trend.

Combining news trading with long-term strategies can be beneficial to traders who use price action. By identifying significant news events that could influence their currencies of interest, traders can adjust their trading strategies over the long term for greater success.

Therefore, it is important to continually reassess and adjust one’s trading strategy based on market data and objective analysis.

Price Action Technical Indicators
Observes actual market movements Based on mathematical formulas
Focuses on the market’s opinion Based on personal predictions
Analyzes trend strength and market sentiment Uses indicators like moving averages and RSI
Helps formulate an informed opinion Can lead to false signals
Trading based on facts, not opinions Can be influenced by personal biases

Event Calendar Strategy

By keeping an eye on the Forex Factory event calendar and avoiding high-impact news events, traders can navigate the market with an eye for the dangers ahead.

News event selection is crucial to avoid unnecessary risks and losses. Traders should only focus on high and medium impact events that could influence the currencies they are trading. By doing so, they can avoid the unpredictability of the market during major events.

Market sentiment analysis is also essential when trading news events. Traders must analyze the market sentiment before and after the news event to understand the market’s reaction. This analysis can provide valuable insights into the market’s behavior and help traders formulate an informed opinion.

By following this strategy, traders can trade with confidence, knowing that they have a solid understanding of the market’s reaction to news events.

8 Step FX News Trading Approach

  1. Economic Calendar: Start by using an economic calendar to stay updated on upcoming news releases, economic indicators, and central bank announcements. Popular sources include Forex Factory,, or your broker’s platform.
  2. Event Selection: Focus on major economic events that have the potential to impact currency markets significantly, such as interest rate decisions, GDP releases, employment reports, and central bank speeches. These events tend to generate significant market volatility.
  3. Market Analysis: Prior to the news release, analyze the market sentiment and prevailing trends for the currency pair you’re trading. Technical analysis can help identify key support and resistance levels, trend lines, or chart patterns that may influence the price action.
  4. Entry Points: Identify entry points based on your analysis. Traders usually wait for the news release to occur and observe the initial reaction in the market. A common approach is to wait for a breakout above a resistance level or a breakdown below a support level after the news release. Alternatively, you can place pending orders to trigger when a specific price level is reached.
  5. Risk Management: Set appropriate stop-loss orders to protect your capital in case the market moves against your position. Consider using a trailing stop-loss order to secure profits as the market moves in your favor.
  6. Volatility Management: Take note of the expected volatility associated with the news event. It’s important to adjust your position size and leverage as high volatility can lead to wider spreads.
  7. Timing: Enter the trade just after the news release or within a short period, typically within a few minutes. Rapid price movements can occur at the release, providing opportunities for quick profits. Be cautious of low liquidity periods or market gaps, which will result in tough trading conditions.
  8. Exit Strategy: Determine your exit strategy in advance. This can include setting profit targets based on technical levels or trailing stops to capture further gains if the market continues to move favorably. If the trade goes against you, it’s important to have predetermined exit points to limit potential losses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most effective way to use price action to trade news events?

The most effective way to use price action techniques in news trading is to have set patterns you are looking to trade. This approach eliminates the influence of personal opinions, which can lead to poor trading decisions.

How do you determine which news events to pay attention to on the event calendar?

News event selection is important for traders, with high and medium impact events being the most important. Economic indicators such as GDP, inflation, and interest rates can greatly influence currency pairs. Careful consideration of the event calendar is essential for successful trading.

Are there any specific strategies for trading during high-impact news events like non-farm payroll or U.S. elections?

News event preparation and risk management strategies are crucial during high-impact events like non-farm payroll or U.S. elections. Traders can even consider using options to hedge positions or avoid trading altogether. Staying informed and disciplined can help mitigate potential losses.

How do you avoid getting caught up in individual opinions and biases when trading news events?

Staying objective and avoiding emotions is something you need to master when trading news events. Rely on price action to formulate an opinion and avoid individual biases. The market’s opinion is the only one that matters, and traders should trade what actually happened, not what they think should happen.

Are there any other resources or tools besides the Forex Factory event calendar that can be used for news trading?

Alternative resources for news trading include Bloomberg Terminal, Reuters, and TradingView. However, it is important to consider the impact of trading psychology on decision making and to rely on objective sources that provide accurate and timely information.


Mastering Forex news trading with price action can be an effective approach for traders to make informed decisions and avoid impulsive trades. By focusing on price movements and patterns, traders can gain insight into market sentiment and potential direction following news events.

However, it is important to remember that price action is not a foolproof method and does not guarantee success in all situations. In fact, some argue that the market is unpredictable and that news events can have unexpected outcomes that cannot be accurately predicted through price action analysis alone.

Therefore, traders must be cautious and not rely solely on one strategy or approach. Instead, they should continually educate themselves on various market dynamics, including news events and technical analysis, to develop a well-rounded understanding of how the market behaves.

Ultimately, it is through a combination of knowledge, discipline, and adaptability that traders can increase their chances of success in Forex trading.

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