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17 Simple Ways To Raise $5,000 To Fund Forex Trading Account

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3: Sell That “Extra” Car

In the developed world, it never cease to amaze me that there are families with 2-4 cars.  2 cars may be for Mum and Dad to go to work. That leaves 3 cars.

Ok, there are 2 teenage kids, so the 2 other cars belong to them.

That means 1 car is left.

sell your car to make money to trade forex

That 1 car belongs to Pappa bear (Dad). Papa bear loves his 4 wheel drive cuz he likes  to drive into the bush on weekends…How many times a year? About 3-5 times a year.

Which means the 4 Wheel drive sits there in the garage for 360 days a year doing nothing.

Pappa bear also has been recently interested about forex trading and has been demo trading for a while and he wants to open a forex trading account to start trading but he does not have the money. That’s what he thinks anyway…

If Pappa bear could sell his 4 Wheel drive, you could get $15,000 for it. But he doesn’t want to and yet he wants to trade forex and say’s he doesn’t have the money.

The money is in that car! Sell it. You don’t “need” that car! You already have a car!

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