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17 Simple Ways To Raise $5,000 To Fund Forex Trading Account

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4: Sell Your Boat

sell your boat to raise money to trade forex

In Australia, there’s a little town called Longreach in Queensland.

Tell you what, there are people in that town that have boats in their garages.

Guess where the sea is?

East, 8 hours drive, 700 km away !

That to me is mental.

And how many times do you think people who buy expensive boats use their boats in a year?

Well, I’ve got a few friends I know that have boats and I’d say, they’d use on average between 5-10 times a year for recreational fishing and that’s it.

The boat simply lies in their garage not being used for 355 days of the year.

That boat can be sold for $5000 or $30,000…really depends on the type of boat, age and condition of the boat really.

And that’s money tied away in a boat  that you hardly use and yet, there are people like that that complain that “Oh, I don’t have enough money to trade forex.”

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