Weekly Trading Setups

Jan 10 – Jan 15

How did these do?

BTCUSD – Price was in our zone on Sunday night and pushed up with momentum. We got a pullback and broken trend line entry on four hour chart. Price ran for $4800 before pulling back

CADJPY – Price rejected at highs and trend line break on four hour entry leads to 65 pip drop to lows

EURJPY – Price continued to pullback with no shot to the upside. Price pulled back into the range and this pair off the table for any other trade. It did break downside however and shorter time frame traders would have had a short.

EURUSD – Price smashed into and through our setup zone. Too much downside momentum for a long and no trade entry for a short.

GBPUSD – We were playing this as a bull flag and price piercing the lower side of the flag and rejecting is the trigger for these trades when you get a channel. 198 pips to the upside before stopping.

NZDUSD – We got our pop higher and short-lived as price ran 50 pips before failing.

USDCHF – We wanted to play the upside pop as noted on the setup chart but the price action didn’t give us an entry.

USDJPY – We got everything we asked for in this setup including two sided action. There was no trade trigger into either of them.

Not a bad week last week with 586 pips potential.  Plan to make 2021 a better year than last year for your trading.  That includes ensuring you have a trading plan that you can “wash, rinse, repeat” on every trade you take.

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