Free Forex Weekly Trading Setups

May 23 – May 28 2021 – RESULTS UPDATED

AUDJPY – Failure test of lows of range is the trigger for 77 pips upside

CADCHF – Upside four hour chart entry off another bounce from lows breaking a bearish trendline for entry is 43 pips potential.

EURJPY – Never got the deeper pullback but price gave a great bull flag as we had two peaks we could join for essentially a complex pullback. Break of upper trendline trigger for 100 upside pips

EURUSD – Never got the basing under resistance or failure test of support for a long

GBPCAD – Price ranged

GBPUSD – Price ranged

400 pips from last weeks setups.  The main lesson from last week was, again, daily chart setups and using a four hour chart entry is a solid approach.  The key is to be able to read price action and the battle for control.

Price on the daily charts is a mess across most pairs.  Weekly charts are certainly cleaner to trade.  The idea though is to play the hand you are given and using our four hour charts + pattern breaks on those charts, leads us into daily setup entries.







May 15 – May 21 2021 – Results Updated

AUDCAD – Trend line break off of pullback to our zone on the four hour chart leads to 74 pips to the downside. Remember, it is a daily chart setup so your stops and management is based on daily.

CADJPY – As mentioned in the setup chart, you watch the four hour chart for a bullish entry into the daily pattern. You had a bull flag forming since May 14 on four hour chart. Break of channel high lead to 53 pips upside

EURGBP – Price rallied to our zone and there is a double top on four hour chart to short at. Small move down of 28 pips before rallying back into our zone. On the daily chart, it is a trading range in our zone. Another double top entry into our daily chart pullback leads to 42 pips downside.

GBPAUD – Missed the run up due to a shallow pullback. Would have been a great trade.

GBPCHF – No trade

GBPNZD. This trade was a little different than that GBPAUD miss. Here, price had pulled back to the bottom of a momentum candle. Trendline break entry on four hour chart and price ran 203 pips to high.

281 pips on last weeks setups. Some of the setups simply failed into ranges with no real intent in a direction. One had momentum step in and invalidate the setup but that’s just a part of doing business. You can check out the update for the previous week once you get through this weeks selections.

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Note that the blue price points on the charts are NOT EXACT buy/sell prices.  These are just giving you a general area to look for trades.








May 9 – May 14 2021 – Results Updated

CADJPY – Due to where price closed the previous week, we had no entry on the initial break. We did get a pullback on Tuesday that was a trade over the highs @ 89.90. Price gave a 72 pip upside move before heading lower to stay in a range.

CHFJPY – Price pulled into our zone and gave us a range at lows. Break of 120.40 is the entry for a 96 pip upside run.

EURCAD – Price was already in the zone and then price put in inside candles forming a range this week.

GBPUSD – Price broke out from the range on Sunday night. Inside bar formed which is simply a consolidation. Break of high of previous candle at 1.4044 led to a 113 upside run.

USDJPY – While we were looking short, price had another opinion break to the upside.

429 pips potential on 3 FX trades last week. EURUSD may have been tricky but the short was looked due to the initial momentum push down. Failure for that to continue just put us back in the direction of the trend. Bitcoin had a nice entry for those still looking to get involved.

5 setups this week and note that the price in blue, is simply the mid point of a zone of opportunity for a trade.







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