Free Forex Weekly Trading Setups

Oct 3 – Oct 8 – Updated

AUDJPY – Upside break for 126 pips hitting the noted target

CADJPY – Price broke long for 209 pips

CHFJPY – No breakdown happened and missed the long trade. There was over 140 pips available on this trade.

EURCAD – Simple support holding or failing trade…and support failed with a drop of 232 pips.

EURCHF – The bigger pullback didn’t happened but a clear one on the four hour chart. Breakdown short gave 70 pips.

EURGPB – No long trade triggered

EURNZD – Price ranged.

EURUSD – 63 pips downside as price rejected our red line almost to the pip.

NZDCAD – Bear flag formed and rejected for 115

NZDCHF – Price ranged

Pretty good week last week considering the overall market was not too hot.  648 pips potential.

This week, we have some pairs at areas of potential reversals and others that need some more price action.  Ensure you have a trigger to enter the trade.  This is why we use a four hour chart for most of our triggers.  Check the USDJPY from last week and you can see the benefit of using a trigger chart.











Sept 26 – Oct 1 – UPDATED

CADCHF – Breakout to the upside for 68 pips

EURCAD – Downside breakout for 144 pips

EURNZD – Upside breakout for 163 pips

EURUSD – Was looking for support to hold but price broke through.

GBPAUD – Was looking long but price broke lower

NZDCHF – Long or shorts were in play and we got a downside move for 64 pips

USDCHF – Wanted a bounce higher which happened for 107 pips

USDJPY – We were looking for a break long which we got. This is an example of why a four hour chart entry is used. Price broke resistance, a four hour pullback, and break higher. You would not have seen it on the daily chart. 102 pips

169 pips from our setups last week.  There are not a lot of great setups right now.  Markets are in choppy conditions with very little trending moves on the daily charts.

These setups are better traded off the four hour chart.  We can see some of the charts already have large price moves.  You need to see a pause or even a pullback if looking to trade in that direction.









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