Weekly Trading Setups

July 11 – July 16 2021 – Results Updated

AUDCHF – Simple breakdown from the pullback after it ranged. Four hour trend trend line break for 34 pips

EURUSD – Couldn’t get a sell trigger after the momentum move off the lows

GBPUSD – After price could not break higher, we dropped to the four hour chart. A lot of momentum into the highs on the four hour discounts the first short. The pullback on the 4 hour and the breakdown fell 127 pips without highs being challenged.

USDJPY – Price pulled right into our zone. Four hour trend line break entry gave 70 pips to lows.

Strong week last week with 722 pips up for grabs.  Didn’t have entry opportunities on all the stronger reversals but you can’t always play two ways.  Generally, after some nice moves, price tends to consolidate so watch your entries.  Simple setups are in play, pullbacks and use the four hour chart to trade the reversal using your trade entry trigger.





July 4 – July 9 2021 Results Updated

AUDJPY – Trend line break entry off the four hour chart lead to 193 pips to the downside

AUDUSD – Pullback hit the target for 61 pips and set up to resume a trend move for 129 pips

CHFJPY – No trade

EURJPY – Support break on four hour chart for 166 pips downside potential

EURUSD – 21 pips upside missing the bigger move down

GBPCAD – Support held and gave an entry off a bounce and trend line break for 129 pips

GBPUSD – Short live upside bounce for 40. Missed the bigger up move later in the week

USDCHF – 44 pips upside.

338 pips up for grabs last week.  This week we have some counter trend trades in the mix.  Not something I prefer but with the way they set up, I am a fan of taking them.  The key is to ensure you cut the trade short if the overall trend decides to step back in.










June 27 – July 2 2021 – Results Updated

AUDJPY – Trade trigger short off of a breakout entry on the four hour chart for a daily chart pullback.
104 pips max to downside.

AUDNZD – Price kept breaking down for no entry long

AUDUSD – Another breakout style entry on the four hour chart leading to 112 pips downside. Easy to see, price puts in lower high and breaks the last pivot low.

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CADCHF – Price ranged

CADJPY – Price did break triangle short. First push down was not playable. Price based after move and breakout to the downside for 60 pips.

CHFJPY – 80 pips to the downside with a breakout entry on the four hour chart playing a daily chart pullback.

EURJPY – Same entry technique as most of the pairs. Breakout entry to the downside off a daily triangle. 62 pips.

Last week we saw price head into our zone and then stall.  The upside is that the zones were deadly accurate.  The downside is that price had quite a distance to travel.  Once there, price ranged.  Just over 200 pips trading the daily chart setups.

I will repeat something I say a lot:  it’s not the size of the pips, it is the size of each pip.  For some, 200 pips is $200.  For some, it’s $20.  Others? $200.  Of course you won’t get all those pips as they are to the extreme of the move, but half is good enough.








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