Free Forex Weekly Trading Setups

Jan 24 – Jan 29 2021


AUDCAD – We were looking to get long but as stated on the setup chart, we were watching the .9850 level where we expected some issue. 2 longs on this pair off the four hour. Range break on Jan 26 with reversal candle for 33 pips to 9850. No short trigger. Outside candle on Jan 28, buy stop highs for 51 pip run to 9850. Missed the outside bar for the short.

AUDNZD – Price melted to the downside.

ETHUSD – Ranged

EURCAD – Got our basing and our target was hit to the pip. 75 pips to target from basing break.

EURJPY – Didn’t quite make highs but 115 pip run from daily reversal

EURUSD – Price held at our noted level and while we didn’t get a trend change, price came close to our low target for 93 potential

GBPNZD – This setup was for range trading. Price dropped to the support from the middle of range for 40 pips. Support rejected for 107 to opposite side. Price did travel higher but this was range trading.

NZDCAD – There was the upside we wanted for a long but could not get an entry until later in the week. Reversal candle on four hour led to 46 upside potential

NZDUSD – Price did break higher but this chart was hard to read on the four hour chart.

With 484 pips in FX and a Bitcoin entry that gave us a $5000 run, not a bad week given the change in the presidency in the United States.  We have a few setups that can go either way this week as possible trend changes are underway.  This week, I brought in ETHUSD and BTCUSD is still trying to find legs to the upside.  Check out GBPNZD from last week as it gave trades in both directions.












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