Free Forex Weekly Trading Setups

June 20 – June 25 2021 – Results Updated

AUDJPY – Price pulled right into our zone but there was no reversal to trade short.

AUDUSD – Price pulled right into our zone and began to set up a short at the end of Friday

CADCHF – Looking for a short but price continued in the longer term range

CADJPY – Price pulled back into our zone and ranged

CHFJPY – Another pullback that didn’t trigger short

EURCHF – Pulled back into our zone and only trigger on a trend line break at end of week for 13 pips

EURJPY – Price came right into our bottom zone and trend line break on the four hour chart lead to 21 pips before price ranged.

EURUSD – Price pulled back into our zone and a failure test entry on the four hour gave 14 pips to lows. Price then ranged.

GBPUSD – Price retraced to our zone and trigger short on four hour trend line break for 80 pips

NZDUSD – Pullback and no short trigger

USDJPY – Price hit our zone and another four hour chart trend line break entry leading to 75 pips to the upside.


531 pips potential last week with some huge momentum runs.  The CHFJPY where we wanted long from the support level of the range, actually gave a double top and failure test that led to a short trade.

This week we have 11 charts due to the big moves last week.  We are siding with pullbacks and another move.  However, as some of the pairs are coming into a previous support zone, you can play the “bounce” if it fits your trading style.












June 13 – June 18 2021 – RESULTS UPDATED

CHFJPY – We were originally looking long at the bottom of the base however price gave a failure test of highs while in a trading range. This is a short and usually to the bottom of the range. Price gave zero pause at support and gave up 290 pips to lows.

EURJPY – We did get the bounce for a long that went 71 pips to highs. Price then collapsed. This is different than the CHFJPY trade as we never got the long setup on that one.

GBPJPY – Price ranged inside the channel and the breakdown gave no entry

GBPCHF – Price ranged on the daily chart under resistance which favors longs. Break of inside candle (which is a shorter time frame range) is the entry leading to 170 to highs.

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One of our lowest week ever in pips with just over 100 from the charts from last week.

One scan through the daily charts and it’s easy to see that most pairs are in ranges or small candles just waiting for some volatility to step in. Until then, don’t be afraid to exit early because follow through is hard to come by on most pairs.






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