Free Forex Weekly Trading Setups

May 2 – May 7 2021 RESULTS UPDATED

AUDUSD – Good to see this trade play out for 140 pips to highs. Four hour chart gives us a failure test entry at .7722

BTCUSD – Price broke through our zone and held at the lower swing pivot. Outside bar on the four hour chart gave a buy at 55450 for a 4100 dollar run.

EURUSD – Initially looking short after the momentum push down but needed to see a pullback. Instead, we saw basing with lower volatility candles which pointed to upside. The failure test on the daily was an entry to shift long above 1.2026 which led to 140 pips upside.

NZDUSD – This was a perfect pullback trade. Price came into our zone, put in an inside candle (this is a consolidation) and playing the break upside of the inside candle at .7149. Price ran 149 pips to highs.

Some out of the blue momentum moves last week were tough to watch go but with no setup, we have to take a pass.  We also had a rare stop out on the EURCHF off a failure test entry for a short.  We did end up with potential of 259 pips off a handful of setups.

This week we find a lot of currency pairs either ranging or momentum move has already happened.  Those will often times head into a trading range which, at the start, can be tough to trade.






April 25 – April 30 2021 RESULTS UPDATED

AUDCAD – Started off the week looking long off the four hour chart however we saw the a-b=c-d correction setting up. What turned out looking long turned into a short below .9653 for 198 potential pips

CADCHF – We were looking for further weakness however price just bolted to the upside.

EURCHF – Monday gave us a failure test of highs which sets up a short. Short-lived and a quick stop out for -66. That, again, setup up another short that led 47 pips downside.

EURNZD – Price ranged

GBPUSD – No trade

NZDCAD – Price smashed through our level with no long setup

NZDUSD – Quick pop off the break upside for 80

479 pips potential with the Forex setups from last week. Another week showing why using the four hour chart, gives you more opportunity for entries on the daily chart setups.  These setups are no different as you will want to use four hour charts to see how price is evolving.

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No crypto setups. Right now, Crypto is so volatile that you have to be nimble on a daily basis in order to make profit.








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