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Free Forex Weekly Trading Setups

Mar 28 –  Apr 2 2021 – UPDATED


AUDCAD – Price was right at our zone and looking at the four hour chart, you get a trend line break entry. This trade took some heat and if you are using tight stops, you got taken out but could easily re-enter. As written in the blog, we use ATR stops, generally 2X ATR which keeps you in the trade for a 113 pips drop to lows.

AUDJPY – Price ranged at our zone

BTCUSD – Broke from our location and using four chart, $3960 upside from trend line break catching the momentum move out of the range

EURNZD – Short lived upside from either a trend line break entry OR failed test of lows off range. Same entry location. Price jumped 71 pips before falling back. Enough movement for trade management.

GBPUSD – Another short lived trade and entry is off reversal candle on four hour chart. 101 pips to the downside before running into prior range at lows.

USDCAD – Price began the four hour chart reversal in our zone. Price broke four hour resistance and quickly fell back inside the level which, if looking short, is an entry. 87 pips

USDCHF – Price continued upside finding support at previous resistance.

Our zones of opportunity for last week were spot on with over 600 pips potential. These were simple pullback trades and using the lower time frame, the four hour chart, for reversal triggers. You can use price action for triggers, chart patterns such as breakout from small ranges, breaks of highs or lows, or even a hook of a momentum indicator. What matters is you have some tool to get you into the trade to avoid impulsive trading.

Here are this weeks charts to watch……


Mar 21 –  Mar 26 2021 – UPDATED

How did these do?

AUDJPY – Price dropped right to our second level and four hour chart gave an entry with a failure test of lows and outside bar. 107 pips are buy stop high of reversal.

CADJPY – Price fell right into our middle zone and on the four hour chart, could not get an entry at lows. Price rose up, pulled back and gave us an inside bar where buy stops orders can be placed. 78 pips to highs.

EURCHF – Price stayed inside the range

EURJPY – Price came into our first zone with a trend line break entry price ran 40 pips before falling back. Price then came to our last zone and put in a double bottom. Trend line break led to 70 pips upside.

GBPJPY – Price came right into our zone and the four hour chart gave the entry. Price bounced off lows, put in a higher low and entry was at break of 149.40 for a run of 210 pips

USDCAD – No short entry

USDJPY – Price came into bottom of range which is where you want to enter for a buy. Price bounced and resistance did not step in as price broke through. This fed buyers and price ran for 109 pips.

Last week was pretty slow with 269 pips off of four setups. Right now, price action is fairly tight on most pairs and that is the time to be very picky. The 7 setups for this week are mostly simple pullback trades with the zones to watch being marked. Once price enters the zones, you use the four hour chart for an entry trigger.

An entry trigger can be the break of a range, trend line break, price action reversals….there are many to choose from. Even using a hook in a short term moving average can be used.


Mar 14 –  Mar 19 2021 – Updated

How did these play out?

AUDUSD – Pullback continued and on the four hour chart, a trend line break lead to a 110 pip upside run.

EURUSD – No entry long off the four hour.

GBPAUD – Again using a trend line break entry off of a four hour chart lead to 159 downside pips

NZDUSD – Price never broke down through lows as shown by the horizontal line on the set

This past weeks Forex setups brought in a potential 535 pips and Bitcoin doing well with a $6800 jump.
Only 4 setups this week as price is either still in momentum pushes or in tight trending price action. We are looking to get involved on higher time frame continuations by looking at entries on the four hour chart.


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27 thoughts on “Free Forex Weekly Trading Setups”

  1. Hi SD.. I’m Bkay, thank you so much for the information you share with us new traders, highly appreciated…I was wondering as a price action trader, what timeframes do I have to use to check for reversal candlestick patterns?

    1. Thanks for the words. All timeframes are important depending on your style. For me, daily charts, four hour charts, and a bigger picture weekly/monthly are used.

  2. @SD

    Many thanks for replying and I would just like to add that for someone who is 53 years old…..starting out all over again I wanted to say thankyou for the amount of information you have provided for the likes of me who are just starting out.

    Good luck to you and all that follow your trade setups as for me I am going to be practicing until I know, understand the tools I will be using (including charting software), and develop my edge as a PA trader.


  3. Is there a way that the charts with recommendations can be enlarged or blown larger so that the level numbers are visible clearly. Thank you. Mohann

    1. You don’t need the exact price point. Just find the location on the chart and draw a box. You used to be able to click on the image and get the larger….but a few sites were using my images on their sites. I disabled that function.

    1. Glad to read that John. What’s great about the setups I pick and the trade triggers on the lower time frames, there’s usually a trade that works (even a little) or a trade that never triggers. Really helps win loss rate which, although not the only measure of success, it’s a good starting point.

  4. Hi SD,
    I hope I find you well.
    I can now easily find the triggers and trade successfully.

    Now, I want to spot the setups for the coming week on my own and compare what I have with yours.
    Can you tell me what should I look for or how should I go about it.

    Your help in this regard will be much appreciated.

    1. Hey Shingi. Glad to see that finding the triggers has become easier. You probably have about 3 you can use on the lower time frame trigger chart – trend line breaks, breakouts, failed tests of lows/highs. If you go back over all he setup charts, you will start to see a theme as to why I pick the ones that I do. Much better way to “get it” as opposed to me explaining it

  5. Hi SD, do you have a social media platform where you traders signals so I that I can know exactly when to take a trade. Thanks
    And great work, you’re the best at what you do

    1. Hey David. Thanks for the words. No, I don’t use social media. Weird, I know! Your goal should be to find trade triggers that work for you. So many ways to do that – indicator, reversal candle, breakouts on lower time frames, trend line breaks……..

      1. Please,I need some of the indicators that you mentioned in ur scalping trading strategy.
        (1)Fisher Indicator
        (2)supertrendTrend Indicator.
        kindly help on how to get them.Because it’s not in the indicators list on my MT4 platform.

            1. I use Tradingview for all my charts. There is a free version but since I trade stocks and futures as well, I use the pro plan and data add-ons.

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